Titanium Natural Hookah Coals

Titanium Natural Hookah Coals

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Titanium Hookah Charcoal Cubes, Flats and Cubettes Titanium hookah coals are the new norm in the hookah industry. One of the few hookah charcoals to actually be 100% made from...
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Titanium Hookah Charcoal Cubes, Flats and Cubettes

Titanium hookah coals are the new norm in the hookah industry. One of the few hookah charcoals to actually be 100% made from coconut hulls (no wood or other additives), Titanium charcoal features a unique, super dense construction that offers lower overall heat, more steady heat, and better taste. Titanium hookah charcoal will burn for about an hour and is available as either a rectangular (flat) shape or a traditional cube shape as well as a "cubette" option. That leads many people to ask: What is the difference in the shapes and sizes of Titanium hookah charcoal?

Titanium Flats Hookah Coals

Titanium Flatsoffer versatility due to their smaller size. Some hookah fans enjoy the art/science of heat managment, and using flats gives them more customization of the heat than larger cubes briquettes. Flats typically have a burn time of about 40 minutes. and most smokers will "re-coal" at some point in the session. Flats work great with most HMDs so you can use them straight up with for or with your Kaloud Lotus or Narhead Heat Management Device. Flat Titanium coals come in 16 piece boxes for quick retail sales and 108 piece boxes for the regular hookah smoker looking for a good value. The smaller size is a great option to include with the sale of any hookah, to expose your customer to the benefits of natural coconut hookah charcoal. The 108 piece box is a staple for the regular hookah smoker, because each session will use 4-6 flat briquettes, and the larger quantity provides more value and convenience. The 108 piece boxes come 12 to a case for retailers that need to buy in bulk while the 16pc. boxes come in a case quantity of 60.

Titanium Cubes Hookah Charcoals

When natural coconut coals first came to market, the "flats" dominated, but over time the cubes have take a huge chunk of market share and might actually be a more popular size. The cube coals will last for an hour and regular smokers like the longevity of the coal. If you don't want to make a coal run 2/3's through your bowl, then Cubes are probably a better option. Hookah lounge operators also like them because their rental sessions can be timed out with cubes, lasting about an hour and minimize coal refills, where hookah lounge customers using flats will almost certainly ask for more coals before finishing a session. Titanium Cubes are available in 72pc boxes and packed 12 boxes to a case. Titanium Cubes may or may not fit well in your HMD, so your customers may have to tinker with the configuration to use their Heat Management device...but it's worth it and doesn't take long to figure out. And that brings us to Cubettes!

Titanium Cubettes Coconut Coals

The rise of HMD's like the AOT Provost and Kaloud Lotus created a problem. How do you fit such big, long lasting cubes in a tight space. Well....Cubettes have arrived to save the day. The cube shape provides the best ratio of heat to surface area, that extends the life of hookah charcoals. So, even though the coals have a lower overall mass than flats, they last longer. They combine the versatility of dynamic heat management of flats with the longevity of the cube shape. You kind of get the best of both worlds. That said, they aren't for everyone and some people just want their regular flats and/or cubes. Cubettes come in boxes of 120 cubette Titanium coals per box. And each case of Cubettes holds 12 boxes.

Titanium Coals for Hookah Lounges

Titanium provides both flats and cubes in large boxes designed for hookah lounges. Most lounges save money buy purchasing their charcoal in 10 Kilogram boxes, that save you money be eliminating the individual box packaging. Each 10 Kilo lounge pack has 10 individually wrapped kilos of charcoal inside to keep your coals fresh and avoid them absorbing too much humidity before you use them. Pros and Cons for Titanium Cubes in your hookah lounge: Pro: They last longer, so you spend less time swapping out coals. Con: They last longer, so if you swap them out 1 time, your customer might stay for 2-3 hours. Make sure you are still selling them drinks or charging appropriately to account for all the time and space. Pros and Cons for Titanium Flats in your hookah lounge: Pro: It's easier to manage hookah rental times based on coals and refills. You only serve up the amount of coal that you need. Con: You will have to do more heat management for customers and coal refills.

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