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Genie Coco Charcoal 100% natural Made from coconut shell Very low ash deposits Maintains solidity for longer-lasting burn time Sparkless Odorless No trees were cut to make this product Heats to th...
Genie Coco Charcoal 100% natural Made from coconut shell Maintains solidity for longer-lasting burn time Spark-less Odorless No trees were cut to make this product Heats to the ideal temperature for m...
MYA GOLD Charcoal 100% natural Made from coconut shell Very low ash deposits Maintains solidity for longer-lasting burn time Sparkless Odorless No trees were cut to make this product Heats to the ...
CocoUrth Coconut Hookah Coals CocoUrth Coals have joined a competitive class of coconut coals, but instead of being an "also-ran" brand, CocoUrth surprised us with its amazing quality and longevity. It is very hard to different...
Pharaohs Quick-lightning Coconut Hookah Charcoals Pharaohs has entered the market of hookah charcoals with one of the cleanest burning quick-light coals on the market. These coconut quick-lights are sure to start just as fast a...
Coco Brico is Now Our Best Selling Hookah Coal Coco Brico hookah charcoals are designed for customers and more ideally, hookah lounge owners who want a clean, pure heat without paying astronomical prices for coconut based coals...
Al Fakher Coconut Charcoal The brand synonymous with Shisha now brings you high quality coconut charcoal to complete your perfect session. Burn time of at least 90 minutes. A high carbon content of 80-85% which results in a ver...
Coco Buzz Coconut Charcoals from Starbuzz Coco Buzz is a natural coconut shell based hookah charcoal that comes in 2 sizes of briquettes. With recently revamped and updated packaging, its easy to tell these coals apart. The 108...
Tom Coco is Our Newest Hookah Coal Tom Coco hookah charcoals are the best import from Europe since David Hasselhoff. This is a premium brand of natural coconut hookah coals, so you will get minimal ash, clean heat and long last...
Titanium Hookah Charcoal Cubes, Flats and Cubettes Titanium hookah coals are the new norm in the hookah industry. One of the few hookah charcoals to actually be 100% made from coconut hulls (no wood or other additives), Titaniu...
Coco Nara Coconut Hookah Coals CocoNara hookah charcoals are the most popular natural hookah coals on the market. CocoNara coals are eco-friendly natural charcoals made from the shells of coconuts. These Coconara hookah coals a...
Fumari Coconut Charcoal Fumari has been churning out incredible shisha tobacco since they started in 1997 and now they've entered the charcoal world with Pure Coconut Charcoal made into consistent cubes. Coal measurements are 2...

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The cost of charcoal in Chicago

The cost of charcoal in Chicago can be influenced by several factors, including:

  1. Charcoal Type: Different types of charcoal are available, including quick-lighting charcoal and natural coconut coals. Natural coconut coals are typically of higher quality and can be more expensive.

  2. Quality: The quality of charcoal can significantly affect its price. High-quality, low-ash charcoal is usually priced higher than lower-quality alternatives.

  3. Brand: Well-known and reputable charcoal brands often offer their products at a premium price. These brands are known for producing high-quality and consistent charcoal.

  4. Quantity: Charcoal is often sold in various quantities, from small packs to bulk packages. Buying in larger quantities can lead to cost savings.

  5. Origin: Charcoal from specific regions, such as Japanese or Indonesian charcoal, may come with different price points based on their reputation and quality.

  6. Customization: Custom or specialty charcoal blends designed for specific uses or preferences can be more expensive than standard options.

Considering these factors when shopping for charcoal in Chicago can help you make an informed decision based on your budget and the specific needs of your hookah setup.


Advantages to buy charcoal in smoke shop Dymok

When you choose to purchase charcoal at Dymok Smoke Shop, you gain access to a world of advantages:

  1. Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff can provide expert advice, helping you select the perfect charcoal type and brand that best suits your hookah setup and smoking preferences.
  2. Product Variety: Dymok Smoke Shop offers a diverse range of charcoal options, ensuring you have plenty of choices in terms of type, quantity, and brand.
  3. Quality Assurance: We prioritize high-quality charcoal products, ensuring that you receive charcoal that is reliable, low-ash, and provides consistent heat for your hookah sessions.
  4. Customization: Personalize your hookah experience with a wide variety of charcoal options, allowing you to experiment and find the perfect match for your shisha setup.
  5. Community Connection: Join our hookah community at Dymok Smoke Shop. Connect with fellow hookah enthusiasts, share experiences, and gain valuable insights into the world of hookah.
  6. Immediate Gratification: Walk into our shop, make your selection, and leave with your charcoal in hand. No waiting for shipping – you can start enjoying your hookah sessions right away.
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  8. Convenience Redefined: Dymok Smoke Shop is conveniently located to cater to your charcoal needs. Forget about the hassle of searching for specific charcoal types online.
  9. In-Person Assistance: If you encounter any issues with your charcoal or need assistance with your hookah setup, you can rely on Dymok Smoke Shop for immediate, in-person assistance and resolution.
  10. Local Economy: Supporting Dymok means supporting the local economy and helping maintain a vibrant retail environment in your area.

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